Tony T Henrie, Chief Investigator / Training Director

Tony retired in 2012 from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Supervisory Special Agent, after 23 years of service. He has investigative experience covering a wide spectrum of legal and criminal matters, including criminal prosecutions, evidence collection, trial preparation, wire fraud, mail fraud, healthcare fraud, bank fraud, violent crimes, fugitives, drug matters, domestic and international terrorism, ground and aerial surveillance, electronic surveillance and countermeasures, source development, et al. Tony was also a Technically Trained Agent as well as an FBI Firearms Instructor. He is a fluent Spanish speaker.

In 2008, Tony was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent at the Training Division of the FBI, Quantico, Virginia. Tony trained FBI New Agent Trainees and Intelligence Analysts in the FBI methodology of interview and interrogation. He also provided similar training to special US military groups, as well as to police agencies of Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, El Salvador, and Mexico.

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